Thursday, January 04, 2007

Unrelated Note: Regean used astrology?

Just came across this bit of old news. Apparently, astrologist Joan Quigley was quite influential in the Reagan administration. One of her major "accomplishments" was linking Reagan's assassination with that of Lincoln, since they were both born in February and were elected in a year that ended with zero. Incidentally, the chance of that happening is one in sixty, which is not particularly astounding, especially given all the astrological dissimilarities that she almost assuredly forgets to mention. Anyway, my point is not to insult Quigley - astrology is clearly an enormous load of bullshit - but simply to express how astounded and disgusted I am to learn that a president would seek advice from an astrologist as late as the 1980's! Of course, all the politicians like Bush who regularly council from their magic friend Jesus are no better. Anyway, the point is that the American people need to double check to make sure their elected officials are using reality as their guide.

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Jessie said...

Howard Stern referred to George Bush's "imaginary friend Jesus."