Monday, October 09, 2006

First Post

In the past, I have shied away from public writing because 1) there was already a glut of public, unedited information and 2) I didn't know enough to offer new or insighful commentary. The first hasn't changed, and for the most part, neither has the second. However, I am a bit bored at the moment. Anyway, after reading a story about eco-terrorism targeted at scientists in the magazine Nature, I felt compelled as both an environmentalist and future scientist to respond, but in a broader manner. Specifically, the article helped define and unite a series of on-going debates I have had with myself and friends. Essentially, are rationality, science, technology and market-based economics incommensurable with the goals of the environmental movement, which (in my observation) often appeals to emotion, primitivism and 'anti-capitalism'? In high school and early in college, I would have probably answered 'yes'. Having recently finished college, with a little more education under my belt, I am more skeptical and lean toward 'no'. With this blog, I hope to expound upon these ideas, and when time allots, bring forth empirical data to shine light on the murkier issues. Please feel free to respond with questions and criticism.


Yasser said...

starting some sort of a discussion around a number of articles on this blog about the topic is definitely a good idea

Chris Muir said...

Thanks. I am amazed you found this so fast. Anyway, I have posted a couple articles today. They are bit long, but worthwhile, and hopefully interesting.